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Program Definitions

As Defined by the New York State Office of Mental Health

Targeted Case Management - [Adult Home Supportive, Blended (BCM), Intensive (ICM) and Supportive (SCM)]: Targeted Case Management (Blended, Intensive, Supportive and Adult Home Supportive CM) promotes optimal health and wellness for adults diagnosed with severe mental illness and children and youth diagnosed with severe emotional disorders. Wellness and recovery goals are attained by implementing a person-centered approach to service delivery and ensuring linkages to and coordination of essential community resources. With respect for and affirmation of recipients’ personal choices, case managers foster hope where there was little before. Case Managers work in partnership with recipients to advance the process of individuals gaining control over their lives and expanding opportunities for engagement in their communities. All case management programs are organized around goals aimed at providing access to services that encourage people to resolve problems that interfere with their attainment or maintenance of independence or self sufficiency and maintain themselves in the community rather than an institution. Case managers promote hope and recovery by using strengths-based, culturally appropriate, and person-centered practices; maximize community integration and normalization; and provide leadership in ensuring the coordination of resources for individuals eligible for mental health services.

  • Adult Home Supportive Case Management : Case Management is provided to Adult Home residents by Supportive Case Managers who work as a team with Peer Specialists as part of an integrated approach to addressing the needs of the Adult Home population.
  • Blended Case Management (BCM) : BCM will facilitate a team approach to case management services by combining the caseloads of multiple Intensive Case Managers (ICMs) and/or Supportive Case Managers (SCMs).  ICM and SCM are described below.
  • Intensive Case Management (ICM) : ICM is set at a case manager/client ratio of 1:12.
  • Supportive Case Managment (SCM) : SCM is set at a case manager client ratio of 1:20 or 1:30.  Please see description of Targeted Case Management in the paragraph above.  SCM is set at a case manager client ratio of 1:20 or 1:30.
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