Annual Appeal

Members of the NYS Care Management Coalition,

There is no doubt this has been an unprecedented year for everyone, especially those working in the behavioral health community. Behavioral health needs are at an all-time high, and our advocacy efforts to keep care management at the forefront will continue to be our priority not only during COVID-19 but throughout 2021.

The NYS Care Management Coalition is funded through its conference fees; we have never charged a membership fee which has allowed anyone interested in the behavioral health care management community to receive our services. These benefits and services include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying challenges for Care Managers and advocating to make necessary changes;
  • Working with Health Home Coalition to assure regulations, legislation and policies are in the best interest of care management and our clients;
  • Meeting with NYSDOH and NYSOMH to continuously educate about how vital the work done by Care Managers is and to streamline efficiencies;
  • Educating the administration in State Government and the NYS Legislature about the importance of care management and staving off onerous proposals and proposed cuts;
  • Offering the largest behavioral health training conference in New York State;
  • Working to ensure COVID-19 state guidance is in the best interest of care managers and the individuals we serve; and
  • Updating and providing timely information to members on all relevant changes to our system of care.

Although our registration for our virtual conference was significant, it was not at the level needed to support our operations. Therefore, we are seeking your help.

Please consider a year end donation to help us continue our quality services and efforts during the coming year.

Agency Donation

Individual Donation

Every donation enables us to bring more information to our membership, work toward solutions for our community and services and offer statewide educational opportunities. We are hopeful that sometime soon we will be back to our in-person conference and training schedule which will again result in the funding we need to continue to work on your behalf. To keep us from draining our reserves, we are seeking your assistance through individual and organizational donations.

We all know that Care Management is the backbone of the health system and the key to integrated care.  Care Management is the ultimate safety net for the underserved.  We are your only voice, your only organized entity that has your back and we need your one-time support.  Thank you for all you do!

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and Happy New Year.


Andrew O’Grady, LCSW-R
President, NYS Care Management Coalition